Work ute trays are the ultimate dream! They give you plenty of space in the back to store all your equipment and tools, and anything else you need to transport. Whether you’re a painter, landscaper, electrician, plumber, builder or any other tradie, your ute is your office!

There are two problems with work ute trays however; first, they are wide open, making it easy for thieves to steal your tools and second, everything can get knocked around, jumbled up and broken if not secured. That’s where storage solutions come into play because you can keep everything locked safely away, as well as bring some organisation to the back of your ute. So let’s look at some of the storage options available for work utes.

Drawer systems for work Ute trays

Ute drawer systems can be stacked side by side or stacked one on top of the other. They come in different widths, both with and without pull-out benches, and be easily installed with sliders in the back of work ute trays. You can even fit them underneath the tray to create additional space for storing long tools. Drawers allow you to safely store boxes of screws, cans of paint, hammers, drills, and so on, to prevent them cluttering up the tray, as well as recovery gear and any other tools or equipment you need for your job.

Undercover swing case Ute boxes

These boxes are ideal for making use of the dead space around your ute’s wheel arches in the back of utes. This additional storage can be swung out for easy access, they are lockable and weatherproof, and you can remove them quickly if needed.

Canopy covers for work Utes

Canopies added to work ute trays not only increase the storage capacity of the tray, but also add another security feature. That’s because the drawers can be stacked inside the canopy and above the rim of the tray (increasing storage) and also because the canopy can be locked (preventing your gear being stolen).

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