Custom ute trays are popular with farmers, tradies, landscapers and mining companies, as well as Aussies who love their road trips and camping along the way. So if you have a ute, why would you consider upgrading to a customised tray, rather than sticking with the factory tray that came with your ute?

Custom ute trays give you more storage space

If you have found that you need more space in the back of your ute, it’s time to look at custom ute trays. These can be built slightly larger than the factory default trays, increasing the amount of gear you can safely transport in your ute.

Customised steel ute trays can take a bigger beating

If you’re carrying generators, jagged rocks, sledgehammers and steel drill bits in the back of your ute, it’s going to take a beating if it’s made of aluminium. The toughest trays are made from steel, which requires a custom design, and luckily, that’s what we do at Tru-Blue Trays! As a specialised ute tray fabrication company, we design, manufacture and install steel ute trays built to your requirements in just 30 days.

Customised ute trays offer more cabin space

If you want a dual cab because you need the space for passengers, the small tray doesn’t always suit your requirements. So it’s a balance between the size of the cab and the tray. Custom ute trays can be designed to maximise the available space behind the cab, so that you can have the best of both worlds.

Customised steel ute trays add value

All vehicles lose value over time, but a ute with a custom tray can still be more valuable when resold. Tradies, farmers, landscapers and campers look for these customised steel ute trays, because they want the increased storage and functionality they provide.

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