Tru-Blue Trays’ Ute tray fabrication workshop is located in Geelong, Victoria. It’s a 1000 square metres of space that’s dedicated to designing, manufacturing and installing customised steel Ute trays. Our staff are composed of highly qualified and experienced engineers, designers and welders, and is fully equipped for all types of metal fabrication.

What is Ute tray fabrication?

This is the process of building a metal structure by cutting, bending and welding. We use high grade steel to build our custom Ute trays, so our Ute tray fabrication process results in a heavy duty welded steel construction. We can manufacture steel Ute trays for most popular makes and models in Australia and can customise them to your specific needs.

Custom Ute trays

Purpose built steel Ute trays are ideal for a range of people, from farmers and tradies to landscapers and mining companies. There’s a long list of standard inclusions in our quality Ute trays, as well as additional premium inclusions to customise the tray to your specific needs. Basically, we can build to your requirements, as long as it’s legal and doesn’t compromise your vehicle’s GVM.

Tipper truck trays

In our Ute tray fabrication workshop we also manufacture tipper truck kits that turn a regular Ute into a tipper truck. Tipper truck trays are useful for a variety of trades, including landscape suppliers and building companies. Anything that can be unloaded using gravity, such as gravel, sand, bricks, soil and rocks, can easily be transported in our one-tonne truck tipper trays. Since these tipper truck kits are also made from welded steel, they are tough and solid with a load bearing capacity designed to suit your Ute’s GVM.

Tru-Blue Trays’ Ute tray fabrication workshop manufactures top of the line customised Ute trays that are excellent value and ideal for tradies. For more information call us on 0490 063 200.