Tru-Blue Trays’ steel ute trays are designed to be tough as nails, whilst providing the maximum amount of storage space in the back of work utes. They are the preferred choice for tradies who want a purpose built heavy duty tray that will stand up to a hard day’s work and still look as good as new.

Our steel tradie ute trays can be fitted to most popular makes and models and are ready in just 14 days, from initial order to completed installation. Whether you’re an independent tradie and want your own work ute tray built to your requirements or a business owner wanting to upgrade your fleet of steel ute trays, at Tru-Blue Trays we provide the customised options you need and our customer service is second to none.

Our steel Ute trays aren’t the cheapest on the block

Our goal is to manufacture heavy duty quality ute trays for tradies, so we don’t hold back. Focussing on safety, quality and value, we design our work ute trays to stand up to the hard knocks and long hours that characterise the life of a tradie.

We only use the highest quality steel in our trays and every tray has a heavy duty welded steel construction. Our attention to detail is flawless and we produce great looking trays that are tough, solid and last forever. We can match the powder coating of your tray to the colour of the cab or you can opt for a galvanised tray or even premium paint.

With a long list of standard and premium inclusions, we set a high benchmark in the market. Our steel ute trays are the best on the market, compliant with all Aussie Standards, and are priced accordingly. They are affordable – not the cheapest steel work ute trays on the market, but they are the toughest and the best for tradies!

For information on Tru-Blue Trays’ steel ute trays, call us on 0490 063 200.